I Used Everything You Gave Me

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’” ― Erma Bombeck In this holiest… Continue Reading →

Lead Me Closer to You

I read Fr. Allen Morris’s blog Living Eucharist last night and it touched me in a deep way. Check out Fr Allen Morris: Living Eucharist 01/09/2016 In sharing this Sunday’s responsorial, Psalm 103, Fr. Morris says, “The responsorial Psalm for Sunday, the Baptism… Continue Reading →

Yea Lord We Greet Thee

The little boy grasped his momma’s hand tightly as they made their way into the pew in front of me. “Will my friend be here today?” he asked. “He always sits in the same spot.” He stood on the kneeler… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

I was helping my niece unpack from her recent move to a new city. Strewn on her bedroom floor with a pile of many other things, I noticed the impossibly plush and elegant pink slippers I had given her last Christmas. They still had the tags on them and were obviously unworn. I was somewhat hurt to see them tossed aside. When I found them last fall in a fun new boutique that carries upscale apparel and accessories, I immediately thought of her. I wished that they had them in my size too! Obviously she didn't think my gift was as special and perfect for her as I did, but she kept it. Perhaps someday she will enjoy it as I had hoped. I thought of the many gifts that God has given me. How many have been unused or unappreciated? Which ones are still unopened, forgotten, set aside or rejected? I thought about the crosses since they are gifts too, but far heavier than I think I can handle. Our God knows what we need, and is patient and forgiving. He will never force us to use and value His gifts. With abundant mercy, He stands ready meet us when come to our senses and appreciate the abundant blessings that are all around us. About ten years ago, I gave a candle to a work colleague. It has never been lit because “it is too pretty to burn.” If I outlive her, I promise to burn it at her funeral. Gifts were meant to be used and shared with others. Matthew 5:15. God will answer when we ask in prayer for the grace to recognize our unique gifts. Dear Lord, help us to know how we can use all that we've been given for your glory. Postcript: I was visiting my niece last summer.  We were talking about my mother who died 10 yeayears ago.  I suddenly had a thought:  "I should give her the ceramic nativity that mom made for me." image Since moving to a smaller home, I really didn't have a proper place for it.  I asked her to promise me that she would display it each Christmas until it was time for her to pass it on.  She seemed excited about receiving this gift.  It would be a tangible reminder of our love for her-- the love of her aunt and her grandma, but more importantly the love of Jesus that she hasn't recognized or acknowledged yet. I was thrilled to receive a text from her with pictures of the nativity set in her home.  She said, "I love it!!! Thank you!!! #giving, #gifts, #Christmas, #nativity  

I was helping my niece unpack from her recent move to a new city. Strewn on her bedroom floor with a pile of many other things, I noticed the impossibly plush and elegant pink slippers I had given her last… Continue Reading →

A Day to Remember

I’ve always been good at remembering special dates:  when I met my husband (6/6/79) or the date my family left on a cross country road trip (7/26/70).  I get it from my mother who was great at remembering the days… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Daily Mass

10). God is calling you to a deeper relationship. When I first started going to daily Mass, I felt a strong calling. The workings of divine providence helped to remove obstacles. Even after nine years, my prayer is the same:… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Didn’t Know About the Church

10) The Catholic faith is true in its entirety. Cultural or cafeteria Catholics (like I was) are missing out on the beauty of the whole tapestry by embracing some aspects of the faith while rejecting others. The Old Testament prophesies… Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Light

Jesus uses light as a metaphor for describing certain truths of the spiritual life. Similar references are found throughout scripture and in writings of the saints. St. Therese of Lisieux said, “Enlighten me, O Good Jesus, with the brightness of… Continue Reading →

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