Amazon Catechism

Ten years ago last month, I had a conversion that led me back to the Catholic Church of my youth. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a powerful, palpable way. It was intense. I hungered for knowledge and… Continue Reading →

Seeing is Believing

Three years ago, I went for a routine eye exam. When asked to cover my left eye and read the chart only with the right, I was stunned to find that I couldn’t see the giant E at the top…. Continue Reading →

Wait Now In Hope

Wait now in hope for God to transform every tear, every sorrow Into strength for tomorrow. #hope, #waiting, #faith, Wednesdaywisdom

Trust in the God Who Loves You

   Trust in the God who loves YOU.  Believe in the one who makes EVERYTHING new.  #trust,#faith

A Day to Remember

I’ve always been good at remembering special dates:  when I met my husband (6/6/79) or the date my family left on a cross country road trip (7/26/70).  I get it from my mother who was great at remembering the days… Continue Reading →

Living Water

 The well of God’s love is fed by a flowing river of fresh, clean water.  It is not stagnant, but constantly renewed. It is cool and refreshing– so cool as to shock and cause discomfort to the tepid, but it… Continue Reading →

The Salvation of the People

Faith of My Mother

The year after my mother died, I returned to the Church after a long absence. Because I was cynical about all things religious, I never had a serious talk with mom about her faith. I will always regret that. In… Continue Reading →

Mystery of Faith

My mother collapsed at her 75th birthday party and died the next day. From the emptiness of loss, I eventually learned what it means to be whole. I had nothing to support me in the darkest days of grief because… Continue Reading →

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