Work Together for the Good

When times are hard, I want to “fix” things. I pride myself on being a problem-solver. More often than not, pride IS the problem. I want to improve things, work harder and push myself to do more. In doing so,… Continue Reading →

Who Is In Control?

Crazy people like me go to the gym, then to mass, then to work, all before 8:30 am. That’s my routine most days, and it’s actually a great way to start the day.  I’m at my best in the morning…. Continue Reading →

Yea Lord We Greet Thee

The little boy grasped his momma’s hand tightly as they made their way into the pew in front of me. “Will my friend be here today?” he asked. “He always sits in the same spot.” He stood on the kneeler… Continue Reading →

The One That You’ve Called Me To Be

Lord, not my will, But your will be done. Mold my soul, And my life, And my heart to become The one that you’ve Called me to be. Learn to love The pouring rain, The tears of God, The cleansing… Continue Reading →

Hidden in Plain Sight

The mystery of God is hidden in plain sight.  #faith, #God, #mystery,#wednesdaywisdom

Living Water

 The well of God’s love is fed by a flowing river of fresh, clean water.  It is not stagnant, but constantly renewed. It is cool and refreshing– so cool as to shock and cause discomfort to the tepid, but it… Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Light

Jesus uses light as a metaphor for describing certain truths of the spiritual life. Similar references are found throughout scripture and in writings of the saints. St. Therese of Lisieux said, “Enlighten me, O Good Jesus, with the brightness of… Continue Reading →

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