I am quiet and shy, but overcome my nature when duty calls.  I doubt myself more than most.   Over the past 10 years, I’ve been journaling and writing poetry, songs, rants and prayers.  I went from doubt to faith.  I’m moving from fear to trust.  I am a work in progress and was a late bloomer in discerning my reason for being.


Cone flower at my cottage, 2015

I went back and read some journals from years ago.  My handwriting was prettier then. Deep hurts have been amazingly easy to forget.  I have greater compassion now for the person I used to be and for the person I’m becoming.  What are these ideas for if not to be shared?    
For me, writing is therapeutic. It has helped to lift me out of clinical depression. It has given me the perspective of a rear view mirror. Some of my writing may be creative or inspired. I’ve had many occasions where a song or a poem just came to me, clearly not on my own power. Most of this “wisdom” is hidden in notebooks and boxes, and of course in my head. I want to use this blog to reveal those thoughts that have been hiding for far too long. I want to share current experiences examined under the lens of God’s presence in everyday life.

I LOVE taking photos, particularly those that show the beauty of God’s creation. Unless otherwise noted, the photos are my own. 

So I am moving past the fear of criticism and rejection and ridicule to share what I have written and who I am. Please be kind.  If something touches your heart or mirrors your experience, please comment and let me know.