“I am God who comforts you; who are you to be afraid.” Isaiah 51:12
I’ve had this phrase from the John Foley, S.J. hymn, Turn to Me,, in my head for more than a week now.

It raises two questions:

1) Where do I seek comfort? Is it from God or from the world? Comfort food, mindless television, a glass of wine and endless hours on the internet are the easy ways. Better ways are through exercise, writing, photography. Still more perfect ways are through prayer, spiritual reading and the sacraments.

2). Why and of what am I afraid? Listening to the news for even a short while makes me wonder if the world has gone mad. In US politics, vile and insulting rhetoric and outright lies are too often the norm for those who seek power and influence. Senseless violence from the horrors of ISIS to the bullying at my niece’s school. Behind the shield of social media, we’ve lost respect for others and the ability to have a civil conversation, especially with those who hold opposing views. It is a scary time.

So it probably comes down to the question, “Who do I listen to?” Do I dedicate time to read the word of God, and to savor it? Do I seek Him in quiet moments? Do I turn off the constant stream of my thoughts to hear the still quiet voice of God in my heart?

If I listen to him, God will comfort me and let me know that I needn’t fear. Despite all of the loud evidence to contrary, He is still in control. He can and will make all things work for good.