Prayer for Peace

Lord, help me find good in a world that seems so evil.  May I respond with love when hate is all around.  Lead me to walk away from comflict.  Make me quick to forgive when I’ve been wronged.  Lord may… Continue Reading →

Are You Highly Sensitive?

I try to avoid posting links, but this one really hit home.  If you have a Mary Soul, you may also be highly sensitive.   I would love to hear your reactions so PLEASE comment! Have a blessed day.  Highly… Continue Reading →

Mothers and Sisters

It is a tale of four sisters. There is a big divide, based on our vocations with two mothers on one side, and two career-women supporting disabled husbands on the other. They say, “You don’t understand how the job of… Continue Reading →

“You Were the One Who Understood”

A Postscript to “Under Pressure” I returned to the same convenience store today. My husband is having trouble eating. Medication makes food unappetizing, but breakfast sandwiches still satisfy. I ordered on the computer and went to pay. As I was… Continue Reading →

Under Pressure

I wish that I were brave enough to speak out against injustice or to confront people when they’re being mean. To intervene in the moment is dangerous. There is so much rage in the world. On Sunday, I stopped at… Continue Reading →

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