Prayer for Peace

Lord, help me find good in a world that seems so evil.  May I respond with love when hate is all around.  Lead me to walk away from comflict.  Make me quick to forgive when I’ve been wronged.  Lord may… Continue Reading →

Are You Highly Sensitive?

I try to avoid posting links, but this one really hit home.  If you have a Mary Soul, you may also be highly sensitive.   I would love to hear your reactions so PLEASE comment! Have a blessed day.  Highly… Continue Reading →

Our Strength

  Our strength grows out of our weaknesses. — Ralph Waldo Emerson #strength, #weakness,#wednesdaywisdom

Help Me To Give It All To You

Help me to give it all to you– My joys and sorrows, Lord; All my tomorrows, Lord. To trust you each and every day. I live to follow you. Please help me give it all to you. The shame, the… Continue Reading →

Take My Body, Jesus

In marriage, two become one flesh. My husband’s flesh is becoming weak due to Parkinsons disease, so I feel weak, too. As his primary caregiver, I wonder if I can handle what lies ahead. I need to be reminded that… Continue Reading →

THANKS – Inviting God Into Our Lives

Thank God for the beauty and goodness all around you. Hear God’s voice by being quiet enough to listen. Accept your circumstances and ask for the grace see God’s will for you. Notice God’s handiwork in interactions with others and… Continue Reading →

The Day God Has Given

This isn’t the day I had planned; This is the day God has given. #providence, #God’swill

Amazon Catechism

Ten years ago last month, I had a conversion that led me back to the Catholic Church of my youth. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a powerful, palpable way. It was intense. I hungered for knowledge and… Continue Reading →

Good Enough

Don’t let your quest for perfection blind you to what is good enough. #goodenough, #perfection

Romans 5:5

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