May 2016

The Day God Has Given

This isn’t the day I had planned; This is the day God has given. #providence, #God’swill

Amazon Catechism

Ten years ago last month, I had a conversion that led me back to the Catholic Church of my youth. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a powerful, palpable way. It was intense. I hungered for knowledge and… Continue Reading →

Good Enough

Don’t let your quest for perfection blind you to what is good enough. #goodenough, #perfection

Romans 5:5


Joy is the happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens. David Stendl-Rast #joy,#happiness,#acceptance,#wednesdaywisdom    

Mothers and Sisters

It is a tale of four sisters. There is a big divide, based on our vocations with two mothers on one side, and two career-women supporting disabled husbands on the other. They say, “You don’t understand how the job of… Continue Reading →

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