Lord, not my will,
But your will be done.
Mold my soul,
And my life,
And my heart to become
The one that you’ve
Called me to be.

Learn to love
The pouring rain,
The tears of God,
The cleansing pain,
The hurt that brings you to your knees,
The broken heart that helps you to see,
The loving God who calls you His own,
The loving father who won’t leave you alone.

Embrace with love
The change of plans.
Exchange your will
For treasure from God’s hand.
Set aside your desires to go another way.
On wisdom’s path, be led today
By one who knows what’s ’round the bend,
By one whose giving knows no end.

​Cherish most
The time to wait–
Amid life’s rush,
Moments to contemplate
Love that’s not a reward for what I do,
But the fullest expression
Of who I am to you;
The time to stop and simply be
The child of God–
The one that you’ve called me to be.