My alarm clock is across the room. That forces me to get up from bed to hit the snooze button. I thank God for the ability to bound out of bed and walk those few steps. I am grateful to be able to do it without pain.

If I didn’t know about the struggles of those who live with disabilities and diseases, I would just push the button and shuffle back to bed without a thought. Most mornings, I pray for my husband and a couple of wheelchair-bound friends. The simple act of waking up can is so different and difficult for them.

Parkinson’s makes getting up from a bed or a chair an effort for my husband. Several attempts are generally required to gain the necessary momentum. My friend with a spinal cord injury must wake up very early because routine tasks take him much longer. After months of rehab and adapting his home, he is able to live alone. My friend with MS can no longer sleep in a bed.Transferring is simply too difficult since he has lost movement in both legs and one arm.

There may come a day when I can no longer move with ease. I pray that I will have someone to help me then. I pray that all those who struggle will find some joy and meaning in this new day.

Then I get under the covers for just a few more minutes of snoozing.