10). God is calling you to a deeper relationship.

When I first started going to daily Mass, I felt a strong calling. The workings of divine providence helped to remove obstacles. Even after nine years, my prayer is the same: “Dear God, you know how much I need you to get through the day. If it is your will for me to attend Mass, make is possible for me.” He usually does.
9). Seasons.

The liturgical seasons add a new dimension to Mass with decorations, different colored vestments and particular themes in the readings. A good way to try out regular daily Mass attendance is to make a commitment to go during a particular season like Advent or Lent.

8). Quiet.

Most parish churches are open for a while before and after Mass. It’s nice to have the opportunity for quiet time with the Lord, away from the distractions of home.

7). Example.

I do not advertise the fact that I attend daily Mass, but some family and friends know. This opens the door to questions about faith. It also surprises and confuses people. “Why would you do that?” “How can you work Mass into your busy schedule?” I like to make them wonder.

6). Humility.

Rather than feeling that I am holier than anyone else, daily Mass humbles me by reminding me that without God, I can do nothing. To keep my faith strong and deal with life’s challenges, I need the extra graces of daily Mass.

5). The same and yet different.

The essentials of the Mass are universal, but the readings, congregation and possibly the church you attend may be different. This helps me to remember that Catholic means universal. As the gospel has spread all over the world, it’s likely that someone somewhere is celebrating Mass at any given moment.

4) The Saints.

Daily Mass attendees learn more about the well-known saints (Anthony, Joseph, Therese of Liseux) and discover obscure ones from all times and places like the North American Martyrs, Jane Francis de Chantal, Paul Miki and companions, and St Januarius. Their stories show how God calls each of us to respond to His mercy and love in our own unique way.

3) Community.

I am shy, so I don’t necessarily know names of most of the people who attend daily Mass. I’ve struck up a few friendships with folks who obviously love the Lord and His Church. Attending Mass has become my first daily priority, and I sometimes go to other parishes to adapt to my work schedule. It’s great to visit other parishes, to see their churches and liturgical customs, and to learn from other priests.

2). The Word of God.

Hearing the Word of God proclaimed every day fosters a deeper understanding of scripture and the desire to know more. The Word becomes alive in your heart and you find yourself pondering something that you heard later in the day. I am often amazed at the way the lectionary readings provide the exact word that I need in difficult times.

1). Breakfast with Jesus.

Daily Mass is like the time that the risen Lord cooked fish on a charcoal fire and served bread to the apostles on the beach. John 21:12 Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” He wants to feed you, too! He loves you so much, He wants to become a part of you, and to give you daily bread. What better way to start the day?