September 2015

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.”  Albert Einstein #WednesdayWisdom #Joy


The Salvation of the People

Embrace of the Father

A little girl with wispy blond hair was carried into church this morning and placed in the arms of her daddy.  She beamed with joy and recognition when she saw him. She clung to him and he held her close… Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wisdom


Top Ten Reasons to Attend Daily Mass

10). God is calling you to a deeper relationship. When I first started going to daily Mass, I felt a strong calling. The workings of divine providence helped to remove obstacles. Even after nine years, my prayer is the same:… Continue Reading →


I don’t have to carry My burdens alone. Without speaking words, You know. Grant me the grace to give everything to you. The strong arms that carried the cross long ago Will carry my burdens now. ​ Release and let… Continue Reading →

Thank You, Mary

Today (9/8/2015) is the 16th anniversary of my husband’s kidney/pancreas transplant.  We don’t know much about his deceased donor:  36 years old, from Ohio and her name was Mary. My husband is not Catholic, so he wouldn’t understand the significance…. Continue Reading →

Faith of My Mother

The year after my mother died, I returned to the Church after a long absence. Because I was cynical about all things religious, I never had a serious talk with mom about her faith. I will always regret that. In… Continue Reading →

Mystery of Faith

My mother collapsed at her 75th birthday party and died the next day. From the emptiness of loss, I eventually learned what it means to be whole. I had nothing to support me in the darkest days of grief because… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Didn’t Know About the Church

10) The Catholic faith is true in its entirety. Cultural or cafeteria Catholics (like I was) are missing out on the beauty of the whole tapestry by embracing some aspects of the faith while rejecting others. The Old Testament prophesies… Continue Reading →

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